Richard Wright: On DoD Transformation, Chuck Hagel, & Zionist Meddling

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Richard Wright
Richard Wright

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Gordon Duff: Honoring Chuck Hagel, Fed Up with Zionist Meddling in US Affairs

24 December 2012


Much of how DOD will respond to falling budgets and the challenges of 2013 will depend on who President Obama selects to be SecDef.  This is why I am hoping that Senator Chuck Hagel will be chosen. Yet he alone will be unable to do much of anything to solve DOD’s systemic problems of incompetence, corruption, and dereliction of duty. He will need to fire the existing senior civilian and military bureaucrats who have made maintaining the dysfunctional status quo an art form and who will fight any change tooth and nail. The senator in short needs to surround himself with people like yourself who will not be afraid to change the moribund operations and culture of DOD.

So what are the Senator’s chances of becoming SecDef?  I don’t think they are very good at all.   Although I don’t normally agree with Gordon Duff’s opinions, I think he is right about how the pro-Israeli lobbies and neo-cons will oppose the conformation of Senator Hagel. There will also be considerable opposition to him from the military-industrial-congressional complex (MICC), who correctly see him as a treat to their gravy train. In addition the DOD military and civilian bureaucracy would fight against his nomination, even if the MICC were not threatened — they KNOW they are over-staffed at the top. Finally the self-referentials that occupy so many seats in the U.S. Congress will oppose him on so-called principles based on paranoid fears, adherence to rigid ideologies, and general opposition to anything the President attempts.

This is a shame because it will cost us yet another good public servant and a thinker who could actually transform U.S. National Security.

If you want peace fight for justice.


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