Anthony Judge: Beyond the 12, Past the 13, Into New Spheres of Understanding

Advanced Cyber/IO, Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence
Anthony Judge
Anthony Judge

Imaginative Reconfiguration of a post-Apocalyptic Global Civilization

Engaging cognitively with the illusion of the “End of the World”

Imaginative patterns of global reconfiguration
Sphere packing as a fundamental spatio-temporal pattern
Transition to 14-fold patterning — transcending the problematic challenge of 13
Dynamics associated with a 14-fold pattern
Ends and edges understood cognitively in spatio-temporal terms
Towards the challenges of the 15th “b'ak'tun”?

Phi Beta Iota:  Concise but very deep, very provocative.  13 is the Maonic “New World Order” magic number, containing the 12, these reflections from Anthony Judge are very pertinent to moving beyond the 13, toward the self-healing open source everything.

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