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300 Million Talons...
300 Million Talons…

1% Wall Street sales tax solution to stablize US federal budget: This would work!!

In the midst of the current haggling over the US federal budget, the main fact is being ignored: the fiscal shortfall of the US government over decades is largely due to Wall Street’s rigging of the tax code so that the main money center banks pay little or nothing in the way of taxes.

Like the haughty nobility in France before the Revolution of 1789, the Wall Street banks are practically exempt from taxation, and the burden of paying for the government is shifted to the middle class. Anybody who is serious about reducing the power of Wall Street bankers in US politics must now mobilize to educate public opinion about the situation and its main remedy – the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax.

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United Front Against Austerity

  •  Nationalize the Federal Reserve
  • 1% Wall Stree Staff
  • 0% Interest for Infrastructure and Production
  • Public Control of Money and Credit
  • Stop Predatory Financial Speculation

Webster Tarpley: Political Report to the United Front Against Austerity

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