Mini-Me: State Nullification — Canary in the Coal Mine

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Who? Mini-Me?


Fear of Feds Leads to Nullification Fever in SC


Nullification is a loaded word in South Carolina. While various states considered it in this country's first few decades, the state was the first to push the federal government to the brink. In the 1830s, President Andrew Jackson threatened to send the entire U.S. Army to South Carolina if the state nullified a tariff that many residents felt protected Northern industry at the expense of Southern farmers.

Jackson said if one drop of blood was shed, he would hang the first supporter of nullification he found in the first tree he passed. The issue split Jackson and Calhoun, who was his vice president in his first term, but things simmered down after a compromise tariff was reached.

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Rand Paul Nullification Proposal Emerges in Gun Debate

Getting much of what he wanted with the fiscal cliff, the president has proposed twenty-three executive orders, a practice he criticized while a U.S. Senator, to address gun policy in the event Congress does not pass adequate legislation.

On the other side, Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul declared on TV that the president does not have the authority to write laws – an authority not granted to the executive branch. As a solution to the overreach, Paul advocates for nullification of any gun law deemed unconstitutional with forthcoming legislation:

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Phi Beta Iota:  President Barack Obama appears to suffer from hubris in dismissing the 50 secession petitions that took the White House by storm.  The reality is that a majority of the US public no longer considers the federal government to be legitimate.  It has been dishonest on too many topics, unreliable on too many fronts, and over-reaching on virtually everything–as Gary North calls it, the “Administrative State” that has micro-managed so far down the food chain the Constitution can now be considered a hanging chad.  There are 27 secessionist movements in the USA, several of which are deadly serious: Vermont, Hawaii, and then Alaska and Texas.  At some point British Columbia will start talking again with Washington and Oregon.  The raw fact is that the federal government is out of control and running up bills it is not authorized to run up in our name.  Nullification is a step toward secession.  So is a tax revolt.  So is a divorce of all federal connections to local law enforcement.  All of these things are starting to happen across the country.  And all of this is completely separate from — but related to — the plain fact that resilience is local and the federal government has no clue how to help the country through the next ten years.  It lacks intelligence and it lacks integrity, and lacking both of those, it is going to continue doing the wrong things righter into its grave.  Alarms are sounding, and Washington is listening to its own fiddle, oblivious to the crescendo outside the beltway.

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