DefDog: Was Petraus Bombed By a Zionist Bimbo Honey Trap? + Broadwell RECAP

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The article reads as if JSOG and CIA were having a fight and JSOG wanted Petraeus gone.  That is not consistent with other reports that suggest that JSOG is not happy with CIA at the operational and analytic levels, and it also does not fully address the much higher probability that Broadwell, who is Jewish, was a straight-up honey trap from the Zionists/Mossad.  Has anyone tracked the money that put Broadwell on scholarship into JFK for her “chance encounter” with Petraeus that she artfully managed to turn into both a bankable affair and direct access to Arab private meetings with Petraeus?

Was General David Petraeus Targeted for Take-down by the Military?

New documents reveal that there's far more to the Petraeus sex scandal than meets the eye.

Douglas Lucas and Russ Baker

WhoWhatWhy, 5 February 2013

Paul Broadwell Before Going Under Covers
Paul Broadwell Before Going Under Cover


Among other revelations the documents show that:

-Petraeus was suspected of having an extramarital affair nearly two years earlier than previously known.

-Petraeus’s affair was known to foreign interests with a stake in a raging policy and turf battle in which Petraeus was an active party.

-Those providing the “official” narrative of the affair—and an analysis of why it led to the unprecedented removal of America’s top spymaster— have been less than candid with the American people.

. . . . . . . .

General David Petraeus’s headlong fall from grace cannot be dismissed as the denouement of yet another peccadillo in an unforgiving moral climate. The plot is thicker than that—perhaps as thick as the often-unnamed heart of the story: oil.

Phi Beta Iota:  We agree with DefDog — while Petraeus had his detractors he was generally a decent man with the glaring exception of how he allowed contractors to murder Col Ted Westhusing, USA (RIP) and get away with it.  We return to our original — and as we recollect the ONLY public — speculation that Broadwell was a Zionist honey trap funded into JFK and handled toward the precise end she achieved in gaining access to Petraeus – Arab private discussions.  No one could have anticipated Petraeus becoming Director of CIA, the ability to bomb him out of that job as a favor to Brennan if Jane Harman could not be talked in the back door, was a bonus.  We are certain that no one in DoD is actually examining all JFK students who ended up as lovers of senior US officials.  Counter-intelligence?  We don't need no stinkin' counterintelligence, we have friendly spies.  The WhyWhatWhy piece is so good we point to it with the very strong recommendation that every professional read the entire piece.

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