SchwartzReport: 1,000 Year Drought in Eight Years — Corrupt Ignorant Governments Will Ignore This and Waste All Eight of Those Years

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schwartz reportThis is what we are headed towards unless we make massive adjustments in our way of life.

Worst Drought in 1,000 Years Could Begin in Eight Years

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Beginning in just eight years, we could see permanent climate conditions across the North American Southwest that are comparable to the worst megadrought in 1,000 years. (1)

The latest research from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University published in December 2012 has some truly astounding news. The megadroughts referred to in the paper published in Nature Climate Change happened around about 900 to 1300 AD and are so extreme that they have no modern counterpart for comparison (these megadroughts will be referred to in the following as the “12th century megadrought”). The research was funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

We have been warned for decades that we would be facing a megadrought if we did not do something about climate pollution. We did not, and now according to the projections of a new study, that is just what the future may hold. And remember, projected conditions similar to the worst megadrought in 1,000 years would be the baseline conditions. Dry periods, which we normally refer to as drought times today, would be superimposed on top of the megadrought extremeness.

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Phi Beta Iota:  A government replete with intelligence and integrity would make this “priority 1” for the next eight years.  That is not going to happen in the USA unless there is a revolution and honest Constitutional government is restored.  At this time the government is on a path of defending the 1% and dismissing the 99%.  The good people trapped in a very bad system of government (both those that work for the government less political appointees, and those that are at the mercy of government corruption absent a revolution) feel helpless and do not realize how much power they actually have.  Most of the preconditions for revolution exist in the USA right now.  Lacking is a precipitant — our Tunesian fruit seller — such that Congress is flushed down the toilet and we start over with honest citizen representatives who execute Article 1 of the Constitution as the Founding Fathers intended.  In a government ostensibly respectful of the public interest, the balance of powers require that at least one of the three branches of government, but ideally two, be completely honest.  When all three branches of the federal government are corrupt to the bone, the government is no longer federal, no longer Constitutional, and no longer representing a Republic — it has become an administrative tyranny Of, By, and For the 1%.  Sadly, 2010 and 2011 were years in which Occupy and the independents and the small parties could have come together to demand an Electoral Reform Act of 2011, but they failed to do so.  With one third of US citizens now officially qualified as “idiots,” the presidential candidates of the various small parties are going to have to come together and set aside their egos, or the USA will become a mix of Great Depression, multi-secessionist small wars, and massive crime waves against what is left of the middle class.  The law only works when legitimacy is perceived by a majority.  When the law is perceived to be legalizing and protecting great crimes against humanity, both at home and abroad, the law is no longer the law, it is administrative regulation mandated by a tryanny.

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