SchwartzReport: Smart Sea versus Corporate Dark Money

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Little by little science is showing us that all life is interconnected and interdependent, refuting the corporate exploiters’ proposition that nature is just an unconscious bank account of resources. This is one of the major reasons the Right’s disinformation machine has sought to unde! rmine a fact based world.

Could the Sea Be Conscious? Research Reveals how Tiny Plankton Behave Like a Marine ‘Megamind’
DAMIEN GAYLE – The Mail (U.K.)


This is why the U.S. has been so slow to deal with climate change. This is the funding source of the disinformation campaign that has crippled good sense. This is also a significant part of the reason the Republican Party has become what it is today. Notice that once again to get an accounting of what is going on I had to go to a non-U.S. source.

Secret Funding Helped Build Vast Network of Climate Denial Thinktanks
SUZANNE GOLDENBERG, US Environment Correspondent – The Guardian (U.K.)


Yet another facet of the vast Far Right funding apparat that is responsible for changing the fabric of America. This is what Citizens United permitted to blossom like an evil growth.

Big Corporations Put Up Seed Funding for Republican Dark Money Group


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