Yoda: Mobile Signal Crisis Only a Crisis of Integrity

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Got Crowd? BE the Force!
Got Crowd? BE the Force!

Dark, their force is.

Mobile’s dawning signal crisis

Roland Pease

BBC, 13 February 2013


To understand the scale of the problem, you only need to look at the numbers.

For example, the mobile giant Ericsson has been tracking the growth in mobile traffic for years. But 2009 was a landmark year, according to the firm’s Patrik Cerwall: “That year saw more data traffic than voice traffic over the mobile networks”. And the data traffic has been doubling every year since – far outracing Cooper’s law.

The big accelerator was the smartphone, which suddenly made the data-carrying capacity of 3G networks attractive. “People didn’t really understand the benefit of 3G until the app concept changed everything,” Cerwall elaborates.

Data-hungry video is also driving demand. Networking firm Cisco has just reported video downloads last year crossed the 50% threshold, accounting for half of all data transferred over the mobile networks.

At the moment, there are around 1.1 billion smart phones across the world; by 2018 (the horizon for the Ericsson forecasts) that will treble to 3.3 billion. If you think that in 2012, smartphones represented only 18% of total global handsets, but represented 92% of total global traffic, you begin to see the problem.

And the growth will continue relentlessly, according to the Cisco analysis. In 2012, for example, global mobile data traffic grew 70% from 2011, to 885 petabytes per month – that is 885 million gigabytes of data. And in the next five years, it is expected to increase 13-fold, eventually reaching 11.2 exabytes (11, 200 million gigabytes) per month by 2017, according to Cisco.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Put most simply, media is ignorant and US telecommunications — and CISCO especially — are corrupt to the bone.  The Dutch have cracked this problem by pushing transport down to the lowest layer.  The corrupt US telecommunications industry is trying to avoid necessary investments as well as necessary adoption of innovations from the Dutch among others.  Bottom line: everyone on the planet will have smart phone one day, and this will not be a problem anywhere except in the USA.    An Open Source Agency (OSA) nurturing an “all in” approach to all the opens would rescue the USA from its industrial enemies.

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