Mike Lofgren: America’s Three-Tiered Justice System

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Mike Lofgren
Mike Lofgren

America's Three-Tiered Justice System

Wednesday, 20 March 2013 00:00

By Mike LofgrenTruthout | News Analysis

Big shots are above the law, the government now admits, but a three-tiered justice system has Congress churning out new bills to keep the prison industry booming.

“Equal Justice under Law,” is the motto inscribed on the frieze of the United States Supreme Court building.

Sticklers for semantics say that the modifiers “equal” and “under law” in the Supreme Court's motto are redundant, because justice by definition is equal treatment under a system of written and publicly accessible rules. Whether that is the case is precisely what is at issue in America today.

Sub-Titles Only:

Tier I: The Great and the Good

Tier II: The Great Unwashed

Tier III: The Untouchables

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