SchwartzReport: Good and Bad Farm News, Lab Organs, Telecommuting Congress

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schwartz reportThis is some wonderful good news; it offers an alternative to the chemical and poison driven agriculture model that dominates our world now. It also offers an answer to the vast youth unemployment problem we have in our inner cities, as well as eliminating a great deal of pollution arising from trucking food across the country. It is not an entire solution to the poison model, of course, but it could go a long way toward! s ameliorating the toxic web in which we are now trapped.

The article has one major flaw: it's assessment of costs, does not include any of what I have mentioned above and, therefore should be disregarded as a criticism.

Chicago Now Home to Nation’s Largest Vertical Farm
ERIC W. DOLAN – The Raw Story

In this report we see the convergence of two major trends: Water as destiny, and climate change. This is also another argument for the today's lead story, and why the new urban farming model should be pursued.

The Drought That Ravaged US Crops Is Only Going to Get Worse

This is excellent news. I have been covering this trend for about eight years now, and am heartened by its growing success. This trend will eliminate the rejection issues transplant patients now face, and will allow people who are profoundly disfigured, or who would otherwise die, to survive. It will also eliminate the grey world of body parts suppliers.

Science Fiction Comes Alive as Researchers Grow Organs in Lab
GAUTAM NAIK – Wall Street Journal

I think this is what the future holds but, unlike this report, I see the main importance of this trend to a virtual Congress to be part of the Great Schism trend, in which power devolves to the states, and regional arrangements between the states, with the Federal government overseeing foreign affairs, defense and similar national issues.

The West Coast states, and the Northeastern states increasingly have less and less in common with the Southern states and some of the central states, and the quality of life in the West and Northeast is growing increasingly different than the self-inflicted ignorance, obesity, and poverty of the South. (See Social Values, Social Wellness: Can We Know What Works?)

GOP Lawmaker Seeks ‘Virtual Congress' with telecommuting Plan

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