DefDog: The Coming Catastrophe in the USA

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Someone smarter than me wrote this in an email.  Scary stuff, seems to be right on target.

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The freight train bearing down on us is the Millennials – 80 million strong, 15% unemployment, that’s 6 million 18 to 34 males who are fucked. How many have hardcore urban combat experience from Iraq or open country insurgency skills from AfPak?

Oklahoma City & D.C. Sniper came from 38 days of ground combat during Desert Storm. Now we get TBI guys who’ve done three tours and get screwed out of benefits with a PDO discharge because the VA doesn’t want to deal? Ticking bomb, size XXXXL, and it’s all around us.

So when does it flip from an edgy theory into a “holy shit how do we stop THAT?” Can’t say for sure, but it’ll be like trying to un-tornado a house once it gets moving …

Phi Beta Iota:  The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.

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