Owl: False Flag Meme Goes Mainstream in Boston — Public Abandoning Main Media – New Photo Series (Man Able to Run Away from Precise Spot of One Bomb)

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

MEDIA: Photos of one of the blasts, series shows man able to run away.

Probably for the first time ever or at least in recent history, it appears the mainstream media has openly considered the Boston bombings were false flag attacks, as specified in this story:

“Bin Laden's repeated statements that he deplored the 9/11 attacks, considered them un-Islamic, and suspected that American supporters of Israel were behind them failed to penetrate the corporate media bubble. When the FBI definitively stated that Bin Laden was “not wanted” for 9/11 because there was “no hard evidence” of his involvement, the media blacked out the story.  But after the Boston bombings of April 16th, 2013, even the corporate monopoly media could no longer ignore the possibility of a false-flag attack. Yahoo News asked “Who's behind the Boston Marathon bombings?” and offered 4 theories: (1) Islamic jihadists, (2) Right-wing militia types, (3) the government, and (4) a criminally-insane lone wolf.  Numbers (1), (2), and (4), of course, are the usual suspects. But including (3) “the government” on the suspects list is unprecedented for a mainstream news story reporting on a domestic terror incident.  

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The false-flag meme's growing prominence was underlined at Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick's press conference after the bombings. The first question for Governor Patrick came from Infowars correspondent Dan Bidondi, who asked whether the bombings were “a false-flag staged event..to take away our civil liberties.” Patrick, of course, answered “no.”  Even the Atlantic Monthly, a neocon-lite magazine associated with names like Goldberg and Hitchens, felt compelled to publish a story headlined: “What Is a ‘False Flag' Attack, and What Does Boston Have to Do with This?” Amazingly, the Atlantic article stated that yes, there is historical precedent for viewing the Boston bombing as a false-flag event. The author, Philip Bump, even admitted: “If the Boston attack had been a ‘false flag' attack, Gov. Patrick would have responded ‘no' anyway.”

The really interesting question, though, is why has some mainstream media (so far only some) appear to suddenly show an openness, however mild or lame in the manner in which they consider it, to “false flag” theory for explaining this event, since false flag theory is a species of conspiracy theory, which the mainstream has been perpetually hostile towards when not utterly ignoring and omitting it. Are they getting more humble or bored with offering up the usual implausible “lone nut” theories, or becoming smarter in learning from their past mistakes, or more compassionate towards the victims of conspiracies, and therefore more willing to get justice for them? No, I don't believe for a nano-second any of these account for their born-again openness to false flag conspiracy theory.

I believe they are giving it at least mention of sorts, without the usual derogatory, vicious slanders made against those who seriously pose such theories, because the mainstream media has noticed a big drop in customers. A drop that cannot be accounted for simply due to the “web” or lack of interest in reading. Because much worse than merely losing customers and more pointedly, their former customers are defecting not only to the larger conspiracy news sites like Alex Jones, but to the many hundreds or thousands of lesser known conspiracy analysis-friendly sites such as this one, and sites that deal with single conspiracies, such as 9-11 or GMO food, among many other topics. This article mentions the increasing numbers Alex Jones' site is getting, but I suspect the collective or total number of readers who have abandoned mainstream media for hundreds and thousands of conspiracy and alternative news sites far exceeds the numbers Jones gets, and mainstream media has noticed. So mainstream media's giving value to false flag theory is likely the first step in their efforts to gain back market share from Alex Jones and all the similar sites.

But it is much too little and very late in the game for mainstream media. The people have grown weary and suspicious of the lies, cover-ups, omissions, and energetic support of the most vile and evil of powerful people, all of which efforts (or lack of them) mainstream media outlets have been core agents in instigating and perpetuating for a long time. Every day more people are waking up to the fact mainstream media is inherently and collectively a gigantic Lie Machine, spewing out the toxic fumes of falsehood and ignorance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is still hope for the nation when one observes or infers, as in this instance, that the people are waking up.


‘False-flag’ meme goes mainstream on Boston Marathon bombings

Phi Beta Iota:  Emphasis added.  We have been Generation Lies.  Generation Truth is rising, the digital natives smarter than their parents, better equipped than their parents, less naive than their parents, and more aware of the value of social interaction and the truth as a valued commodity in life.

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