Owl: Micro-Nuke in Boston, Someone Planting False Evidence? Staged Fireball, Most Injuries Staged? + Meta-RECAP

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

The author of this article makes a good case for the claim that at least one of the bombs in the Boston marathon bombing was a tiny micro-nuke.

When reading the start of this article, keep in mind what appears to be an error in the placement of the picture links or confusion in the text. The two photo link mentioned at beginning of article are in reverse order, that is, the wording does not make sense unless the 2nd linked picture – of remains of the alleged backpack bomb – is what is referred to when the text states “How Does This”, which on the page is immediately followed by a link to picture of a fireball explosion, and followed by the text “produce this” with a link to remains of a small bomb device. The fireball could not produce the device, it's the other way around.

In any case, how could the remains, say batteries, as noted below, of the alleged bomb, whose remnants are shown in the picture, not have disintegrated with such a huge blast, as seen in the image?

The article skeptically points this out:

“Plastic doesn’t melt and man I’m getting me some of those batteries – because if they can come out of something like the shown blast – those are some MIRACULOUS batteries.”

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

The blast pattern of each explosion is very different:

“Recent evidence – glass outside building – shows fireball from building used as a ‘vent’. The two bottom windows are being blown out. The window fireball to the left showed the least resistance to the explosion. The window to the right of it is slightly late in showing up – so had a ‘more resistance to flow – further away from the force. Note the weak force of the fireball – glass barely made it a few feet from the window. No sign of the first explosions impact on people and objects. No massive gusts of wind as in first explosion (one commenter described it as if ‘the building exhaled’). Two entirely different types of ‘explosions’.   Source.

The text then concludes one of the explosions is of a very powerful but small nuclear device:

“Compare the blast waves of the two explosions – or more appropriately the lack of a blast impact in the second explosion – Seen also in this video – but does not show the first blast and being pumped as 2 similar explosions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkT3rmZSZ-w . The second fireball explosion appears to be more of an incendiary device (gasoline, jet fuel – kerosene) exploded by a small charge – the kind of thing seen in movies and drills – Requires HUGE backpack, i.e., not easily transportable – just a 55 gallon drum is several hundred pounds and is kind of hard to not notice. The first explosion is of much higher caliber, duration and effects. Current Theory – R/O Testing of the Smallest Pure Fusion Bomb.”

This conclusion appears to acquire reinforcement from the pictures of an apparent federal operative confirmed to be carrying a nuclear detection literally in hand, and these images appeared on Alex Jones' web site a few days ago:

“Now check out – “Shortly after the explosions, several of the operatives ran toward the scene, and one was photographed using what appears to be a radiation detector at the finish line.”

Men with backpacks at Boston Marathon private contractors?

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

Skeptics have said such operations people are standard at large events, but in light of the information above, the appearance of an operative with a radiation detection device takes on a completely different interpretation. Such a detector would be necessary to measure the results of an explosion of a very small experimental nuclear device.

Much more is here, and check out the comments section at the end:

COMMENT:  Not an Alex Jones fan by any stretch, but who comes to the Boston Marathon with a radiation detector (as seen in a few photos circulated earlier this week)? Dressed in BDU pants and gear emblazoned with SEAL team insignia? I mean…no agency wants to explain it, the FBI spokesperson blatently avoided the question when asked at his press conference yesterday….why can't we get answers?

Photo: Boston Fireball – 2nd Explosion: The Secret of the Pure Fusion Bomb – Li7 – Lithium 7

Read full story with many links.

Phi Beta Iota:  All evidence points to two false flag bombs, one prepositioned inside a building to the create the flash-bang, the other pre-positioned to create the casualties.  There is every possibility that the second bomb was off timing, fruastrating the intent of getting the smoke from the first and the flames from the second in one screen shot.  This all stinks.  Public trust in government veracity is as close to zero as it can get.  Although we are inclined to doubt the small nuclear option, this is something the FBI clearly refuses to address.  Boston is going to be a historic turning point — the US Government elements — the same ones that executed John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and many others; the same ones that were complicit in 9/11 — over-reached.  Their planning was clumsy, their timing off, their patsies (all three sets — the domestic southern extremist, the Saudis, and finally the Chenyan losers) quickly outed for the false flag victims that they were.  Like Hitler forgetting about the Russian winter, DHS and the FBI forgot (or never learned) about the power of the collective armed with hand-held imaging devices.  It may be that one day the Boston Marathon atrocity will be celebrated as Liberation Day, the day the public woke up and understood that the time has come to reinstate democracy (8 parties plus Independents) and the Republic (rule of law at home and abroad).  We still have not seen evidence of actual dead and wounded.  Given the Israeli Hollywood factor, absent proof, all casualties at this time, less the patsies, are considered suspect.

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