SchwartzReport: Almost Half in US Find USG Environmental Efforts Lacking — With Solution from Earth Intelligence Network

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schwartz reportHere, again, we have an example of the disconnect between what the American people understand and want, and what the corporate owned Congress is focused on.

The only thing that is going to change this equation is a massive voter turnout that supports compassionate life-affirming policies and politicians prepared to act on those wishes. We did it with Elizabeth Warren, we can do it in other districts.

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Nearly Half in U.S. Say Gov’t Environmental Efforts Lacking
FRANK NEWPORT – The Gallup Organization

PRINCETON, NJ — Americans tilt toward the view that the government is doing too little to protect the environment — at 47% — while 16% say it is doing too much. Another 35% say the government’s efforts on the environment are about right. These views have not changed much since 2010, although Americans in most years between 1992 and 2006 were more likely than they are today to say the government was doing too little to protect the environment.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The secret intelligence community does not do environmental and it does not do domestic less contrived terrorism.  At the same time, the rest of the US Government — e.g. agriculture, defense, interior — do not “do” intelligence also known as “decision-support.”  Our conclusion:  EPA desperately needs to get a grip on ALL of its decision-support requirements (this has never been done); document the failure of the secret world and the relevance to the President’s standing with the public, and then set about creating a nation-wide environmental intelligence grid.  Not hard to do.  It just requires the will to do it.

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