SchwartzReport: Europe Saving the Bees — Corruption — and Good News

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schwartz reportWill Smartglasses Replace Eyeglasses?

This is coming, it reminds me of when mobile phones began. A few early adapters had phones in their cars, and carried around 10 lb over the shoulder cases for walking around. I had one in Miami, where my ship Seaview was homeported when in American waters, a project to locate sunken ships on the Grand Bahama Banks using Remote Viewing. People thought I was a drug dealer, since they were notable early adapters.

Insecticide Firms in Secret bid to Stop Ban That Could Save Bees
DAMIAN CARRINGTON – The Guardian/Observer (U.K.)

The corporations that persist in making these toxic chemicals, like the tobacco industry are evil. They know that what they are doing is destructive and they don’t care because it is so profitable. Their strategy is not to improve their products, but to corrupt the government, as they have done so effectively in the U.S. This is what they are up to in Europe.

Weeding Corporate Power Out of Agricultural Policies: Communities Mobilize for Food and Farm Justice

Here is some good news about agriculture. Most socially progressive movements, such as this one, are very idealistic, and people work very hard to advance them, but to little effect. This one I think actually has a chance of being successful. Support it wherever you can. This report presents information about what you can do, and where to start.

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