Howard Rheingold: Think-Know Tools Webinar, Registration Closes 12 June.

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Howard Rheingold
Howard Rheingold

I’m following up my infotention instruction that I presented in Introduction to Mind Amplifiers with a more advanced examination of both the ideas and the practices around intellectual augmentation and the extended mind — concept mapping, social bookmarking, personal knowledge management with tools like Personal Brain. June 19 – July 16. Limited to 30 co-learners. The class is half-filled and registration closes June 12.

Think-Know Tools

June 19 – July 26

A six week course using asynchronous forums, blogs, wikis, mindmaps, social bookmarks, concept maps, Personal Brain,  and synchronous audio, video, chat, and Twitter

Cost for individuals is 300 dollars US or 500 dollars if employer reimburses — via Paypal. 250 for graduates of Rheingold U courses ($200 if you’ve taken two courses, etc.)  Class cohort limited to 30 learners. If you are interested in signing up, contact to reserve a spot.

Phi Beta Iota:  Howard Rheingold has been one of the top guns on tools for thinking since his first book in the 1980’s,  Tools for Thought: The History and Future of Mind-Expanding Technology, since revised and reprinted and highly recommended.  All of his other books are recommended, in terms of understanding collective intelligence and the emergence of the world brain, we recommend Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution, and Net Smart: How to Thrive Online.

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