SchwartzReport: GOOD Supergreen Hydrogen, 400 Year Old Moss Revived BAD Citi-Bank, Monsanto

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Here potentially is some very good news. An alternative energy source, a technology for reversing ocean acidification, and a CO2 sequestration remediation.

Scientists Develop CO2 Sequestration Technique That Produces ‘Supergreen’ Hydrogen Fuel, Offsets Ocean Acidifica
ANNE M STARK – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

This may seem very esoteric but I am publishing it because it is telling us something about how consciousness enters matter at the cellular level. I think what we call life is actually membership in the interconnected, interdependent network of consciousness, from cells to high order mammals. Clearly it is of a different order from physical structures that are expressions of! consciousness, but lack consciousness of the same order as living organisms. In rough terms it is the difference between the log and the tree. What made this story stand out for me was what, after 400 years, made the chemicals that made up the detritus that had once been moss, turn on those chemicals so that consciousness created life.

400-year-old Frozen Moss Brought Back to Life in Scientist’s lab
SHEILA PRATT – The Edmonton Journal (Canada)


More on the corruption of Congress trend in favor of a Non-geographical Corporate State. The corruption has become so blatant that they hardly bother to hide it any more.  There is only one solution to this: Completely replacing the current Congress with ethical people who genuinely care about the nation’s wellbeing. Then overturning Citizens’ United, and establishing some kind of public funding of elections so that outright bribery is no longer business-as-usual. I confess I am not very sanguine any of this will happen. So far it seems to me that large portions of the country are committed to a kind of societal suicide.

See How Citigroup Wrote a Bill So It Could Get a Bailout

In Europe, at least, Monsanto is beginning to be held accountable. I wonder how many Americans will die before it happens here?

Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in Landmark Case
The Conucopia Institute