John Steiner: Fukushima Update — Worse, Uglier, Worry More…. + Fukushima & US Nuclear RECAP

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John Steiner
John Steiner

Subject: Fukushima update

Dear Friends,

Bad news continues to pour out of Fukushima-Daiichi.  The first article below discusses the impact of F-D radiation on Canadian flora and fauna.  The second details the involvement of the Japanese Mafia, the Yakuza, in the containment/cleanup process.  The third describes TEPCO's mounting financial losses, as they struggle to keep on top of the problems of contaminated groundwater, electrical outages, etc., move ahead with taking the rods out of the dangerous spent fuel pools, and deal with the many lawsuits arising from the disaster.  TEPCO has admitted culpability, so has to pay the victims.

Clearly, the situation is out of control.  The US needs to lead the way in rallying international support for the crippled plant,- it's more than Japan can handle.  A Senate investigation would be a first step in making that happen.  Please continue to circulate this petition. Anyone can sign it!

Peace, Carol Wolman, MD
Fukushima radiation kills bees – and Trees across North America Trees in public gardens across the Northern American continent are dying. It has been discovered right across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax. The  flowers are also getting discoloured as originally reported by an article in `¹. Even the pollinating bees are dying.  Joe Giambrone has written in his article, titled `The Truth about Radiation and the Fukushima Meltdowns¹ that was published in  `earthfirstnews.wordpress.com¹, that the mainstream media is underestimating the effects of such radiation. He says, ³I am afraid, I have got some badnews and I am going to have to point out some widespread untruths goinground concerning the health impact of radiation poisoning from the Fukushimameltdowns². The International Atomic Energy Agency is just being a silentand skeptical watchdog to the whole situation. The nuclear fallout, thechemtrails and the dying foliage does not bode well for the future. We areprobably becoming the doom generation. People have been able to shoot videos of how the bees are landing on flowers to pollinate; starting to eat in the centre of the flower and then losing their sense of movement to die after few minutes.

CROOKED CLEANUP: Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) taking slice of lucrative decontamination work INVOLVEMENT OF CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS WIDESPREAD

Some workers in the cleanup operations admitted that they suspected yakuza members' involvement when The Asahi Shimbun interviewed them about allegations of slipshod cleanup work and intermediary exploitation.  But they have remained silent because of fears of retribution.  In the cleanup effort in Iitate, Fukushima Prefecture, an individual working for a third subcontractor heard a senior official with a second subcontractor speaking of his background.  ³I am in that line of business,² the man quoted him as saying, suggesting he had ties to the yakuza. ³I go and make contributions (to the gang) every week.²  The gangster proudly spoke of his arrest record like it was a badge of honor, according to the individual.  A subcontractor in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, said that an official with another company pressured him to provide jobs by pointing out his affiliation with an underground criminal organization.  In Date, a man who worked in a separate cleanup operation said that his supervisor, who identified himself as a former gangster, threatened him and told him to follow instructions.  An official with another subcontractor said it is so short-handed that it will not be able to come up with enough workers if it must check prospective workers¹ backgrounds.  There are tens of thousands of subcontractors involved in cleanup programs awarded to general contractors as primary contracts by the Environment Ministry and local governments.  Day laborers are obtained for their efforts through conventional hiring practices in the construction industry, where small subcontractors across the nation do the recruiting.  However, if subcontractors send their laborers to the work site in the same fashion that temporary workers are dispatched by staffing agencies, that is illegal.  Subcontractors are required to provide their own equipment and oversee the safety of their workers, in contrast to a temporary work force that comes under the supervision of a client company, like their regular employees.  Layers of subcontractors often make it more difficult for law enforcement authorities to uncover nefarious activities.

TOKYO: The operator of Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant said Tuesday it logged a whopping US$7.0 billion fiscal year net loss as it faces ballooning compensation and energy imports costs.   The embattled utility at the centre of the worst nuclear accident in a generation said its year-to-March shortfall came in at 685.3 billion yen (US$7.0 billion), smaller than a year-earlier loss of 781.6 billion yen.  But the latest figures were worse than a previous 120 billion yen loss estimate that TEPCO, or Tokyo Electric Power, announced just two months ago.  The company said the massive loss was mainly due to growing compensation as it booked 1.16 trillion yen in extraordinary losses related to expected damages for nuclear accident victims.  The utility is facing multiple class action suits as critics say company executives failed to take preventative measures after TEPCO estimated in 2008 that the plant was vulnerable to a tsunami higher than 15 metres (50 feet).

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