Marcus Aurelius: SECDEF on Furloughs — and No Answer to Question Why Not Contractors First….

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Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

Latest info from SECDEF on furloughs:

a.  BLUF:  11 days, 1 day per week, starting 08 Jul and continuing through end FY13.

b.  Appeared to waffle by providing non-answer to employee’s question as to whether mandated savings could be obtained by cutting contractors rather than direct-hire civil servants.

c.  Never pinned blame where it belongs:  catastrophic failure of 535 Members of Congress and POTUS to do their jobs.

SECDEF Furlough Memorandum of May 14, 2013 News Article: Hagel Explains Furloughs in Message to Workforce

The Pentagon Channel Videos | Secretary of Defense Town Hall

Phi Beta Iota:  And then there was the $6 billion plus that SECDEF just gave to Lockheed….and the nuclear money….one does wonder what the Pentagon might look like if it found intelligence with integrity — ethical evidence-based decision-making, what a concept.

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