Mini-Me: African Union at 50 — Anti-NATO Anti-EU or an EU-NATO ACT Opportunity? How Should EU-NATO Engage BRICS Over Africa?

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Who?  Mini-Me?
Who? Mini-Me?


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Phi Beta Iota:  NATO has zero possibility of being effective in Africa beyond the countries adjacent to the Mediterranean, and NATO is also completely unprepared — as the USA is unprepared — to do full spectrum civilian operations as well as military operations.  In the context of a new BRICS plan to create an alternative global currency, an alternative global financial system, and an alternative global development bank — while also discussing on the side new forms of military and intelligence collaboration, NATO has one path and one path only into the future: to become, along with the EU and the BRICS and the regional associations in Africa, the Americas, and Asia, the hub for Network Enabled Capabilities leveraging Open Source Everything (OSE) to support M4IS2 (Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multimedia Information-Sharing and Sense-Making).  What the world really needs right now is transparency, truth, and trust.  The only way to survive the current economic collapse caused by the US legalizing global crime and being all too ready to engage in unjustified unilateral military actions is to do the one thing that can eradicate corruption and waste: create an alternative global to local command and control (not) and intelligence system.

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