NIGHTWATCH & Et Al: Syria Round-Up

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January - July Wind Direction  -  Click on Image to Enlarge
January – July Wind Direction – Click on Image to Enlarge


Israel-Syria-Hezbollah: US news media citing unidentified US officials reported that the Israeli Air Force executed a ground attack at a weapons warehouse in Syria. Israeli officials declined to comment but Lebanese press reported low flying Israeli combat aircraft flew over Nabatiye Governate in south Lebanon on Friday morning.

Comment: The description of the attack resembles the Israeli air operation in January which prevented Syria from providing advanced weapons to Hezbollah. The timing, days after Hezbollah announced it was fighting in support of the Syrian government, suggests the action was related to that announcement.

What was missing from the Hezbollah announcement this week is what price Hezbollah required from Syria for its overt support. Supplies of modern weapons or delivery systems from Syria might have been an incentive for an open statement of support.

What is certain is that Israel would act promptly to try to prevent any strengthening of Hezbollah by Syria, but has shown no interest in siding with the belligerents in Syria.


Israel Launches Airstrike Into Syria, U.S. Officials Say

United States believes Israel conducted airstrike in Syria, CNN reports

Israel bombs missile shipment in Syria – reports

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