SchwartzReports: No One Trusts the Federal Governments or Corporations — and Growing Public Movement to Divest from Fossil Fuels and Refuse GMOs

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schwartz reportMore on the the growing Great Schism Trend. Much of this shift in attitude results from the growing disaffection people feel about the Federal government. There is a price to no one ever being held accountable for the financial meltdown, or the constant reminders of the government's corruption, coupled with the increasing awareness of the government's intrusion into ordinary people's lives.!

Beliefs About Sandy Hook Cover-up, Coming Revolution Underlie Divide on Gun Control
DAN CASSINO and KRISTA JENKINS – Fairleigh Dickinson University

If this had appeared in a lesser publication, or been written by a less accomplished investigative reporter, I would have dismissed it as conspiracy nonsense. But I spent time this afternoon backchecking. It all holds up. Once again all of this arises because of the corruption of the regulatory mechanisms set up to protect the integrity of the financial system.

Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever
MATT TAIBBI – Rolling Stone

Here is some good news. People are beginning to awaken to the research about GMOs.

Pressure Mounts to Remove GMOs From Infant Formula
Common Dreams/The Cornucopia Institute

Here is some good news, about a shift going on in the environmental movement. It offers some hope.

The Giants of the Green World That Profit From the Planet's Destruction
NAOMI KLEIN – The Guardian (U.K.)


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