SchwartzReport: The Terminal Cancer of Corrupt Government

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Here is more proof of the demise of the American democracy, and the vassal status of the Congress as the non-geographical corporate states become the dominate powers of the age.

Worst Congress Money Can Buy
BILL MOYERS and MICHAEL WINSHIP, Editor-in-Chief and Senior Fellow – Salon/ Moyers & Company

This is the bitter truth of the economic policies that have dominated the U.S., and the world since Reagan, through Republican and Democratic administrations. The Sequester alone, I believe, we will discover killed thousands of people.

How Austerity Is Literally Killing People
TRAVIS WALDRON – Think Progress

We are beginning to see the rise of contractor militias operating in the U.S., as this report makes clear. It is an extension of the same thinking that privatized large segments of the Iraq War. The growing relationship between the company that was formerly Blackwater and Monsanto is another example. This is an extraordinarily dangerous trend.

Why Such Secrecy About Private Military Contractor’s Men Working the Event?
DAVE LINDORFF – Nation of Change

Others are beginning to recognize the great geopolitical shift that I have been writing about for almost 15 years — the rise of the non-geographical corporate states Here is an example.

This Faith in the Markets Is Misplaced: Only Governments can Save our Living Planet
GEORGE MONBIOT – The Guardian (U.K.)

If you have been reading SR for a while you know my views on the Great Schism Trend, and my belief that it was only a matter of time before social progressives woke up to the benefits of States Rights and to letting the Theocratic Right, as it constantly claims it wants to, take the Red value states and go its own way. It is happening, as this essay makes obvious, and I believe we will hear more and more about this.

Memo to the South: Go Ahead, Secede Already!
LEE SIEGEL – The Daily Beast

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