Worth a Look: Epigenetic Control (Control Above the Genes — Consciousness)

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Published on Jan 12, 2013

Conversations to Awaken your Soul. Live from the Hay House “I Can Do It” conference in Las Vegas. A conversation with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Bruce H. Lipton, PhD.  Bottom line: DNA is fixed, but DNA read-out is infinitely variable and radically affected by your beliefs, consciousness, and mental focus.  One third to two thirds of “medicine” is a placebo effect — this coincides with the documented view that half to two thirds of all surgical procedures are unnecessary and half to two thirds of pharmaceuticals are either ineffective or harmful.  Less well understood is the negative effect of all of the medical programming on television telling people about diseases they do not have so that they will get them.  In brief, television is making people ill.


YouTube (56:71) Bruce Lipton: being a cell of Humanity & Letting go of the illusion of separation

John Maguire: YouTube (9:23) Arguments for the Elimination of Television

See Also:

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