4th Media: DPRK’s (North Korean) Nuclear “Electro Magnetic Pulse” [EMP] Bomb Could Be An Equalizer

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I strongly agree with [former US CIA Director] R. James Woolsey and [a former CIA analyst and Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, an Advisory Board to Congress] Dr. Peter Vincent Pry that the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) threat to the U.S. demands our strongest attention (“How North Korea Could Cripple the U.S.,” op-ed, May 21).

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Phi Beta Iota:  We agree that electromagnetic weapons (not just pulse bombs, but directed rays that can bring aircraft down much as the Chinese “gently” brought Dick Cheney down over Singapore, and we anticipate the Russians doing to NATO aircraft venturing toward Syria) are a force to be considered.  Winn Schwartau and others have been warning the US Government about this since the early 1990's, but as is typical, the pioneers are ignored and the military-industrial complex continues to throw money at mistakes instead of missions.  The Chinese and the Russians are at least ten times further ahead — perhaps even a hundred times further ahead — of the USA and UK in this arena.  North Korea is not a threat — just as Iran is not a threat.  The “threat” is one largely of our own making, and Chalmers Johnson gave that threat it's name:  BLOWBACK.  Existing US startegy (e.g. the “pivot” to Asia) is based on uninformed idiocy.  What US carriers do get there will be fried and a very long way from home (has anyone surveyed the US Navy's big ship towing capability?  Non-existent.)  Syria may well be the first serious battle (Libya caught everyone by surprise) in WWIII, a war that will over time see the USA severely punished and diminished in ways it has refused to contemplate as being possible.  The fragility of the US infrastructure is beyond belief in the aftermath of decades of legalized looting and legalized corporate malfeasance with respect to both cyber and physical security and sustainability.

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