Anthony Judge: World Introversion through Paracycling – Global Potential for Living Sustainabily “Outside-Inside”

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence
Anthony Judge
Anthony Judge

World Introversion through Paracycling

Global potential for living sustainably “outside-inside”

Incoherence of external reality
Transformation of worldview from “inside-outside” to “outside-inside”
Imagining a window of strategic opportunity for change
Insightful confusion: outside-in, inversion, introversion?
Alleviating the “weight” of external matters
Alternation of worldview between “inside-outside” and “outside-inside”
Paradoxical cycling between “inside-outside” and “outside-inside”
Paracycling: towards a terminological and visual clarification
Sphere eversion as guide to the cognitive twist of global introversion?
Imagining transcendence appropriately challenging to comprehension
Approaches to distinguishing requisite cognitive variety
Paradoxically dynamic coherence of internalized “pantheons”
Engaging with “peaceful” and “wrathful” deities
Embodying the world as a strategic opportunity

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