NIGHTWATCH: Pakistan to US/CIA – Stop the Drones or We Will + Drone Operator on Video – “I felt like a sociopath”

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CIA Drones Have a 98% ERROR Rate
CIA Drones Have a 98% ERROR Rate

Pakistan: In response to two US drone attacks since taking his oath of office last week, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif issued an official statement after his first cabinet meeting. “The policy of protesting against drone strikes for public consumption, while working behind the scenes to make them happen, is not on.”

He told the cabinet that drone attacks were a violation of national sovereignty and the government “had chalked out a policy” to counter them. He said it was a matter of concern that after he took charge of the government' drone attacks were launched which was not acceptable in any way

Comment: Over the weekend, the new government summoned the US Ambassador to deliver an official protest. The statements at the cabinet meeting signify that the new government will go beyond issuing pro forma protests. Sharif has a policy in mind and changes are likely.

Sharif also ordered a 30% cut in the staff of the Prime Minister to set an example for the rest of the cabinet whom he ordered to cut 30% of non-developmental expenditures. He told the cabinet to set priorities consistent with his guidance and report back to him in two weeks on how to revive the economy. He also advised that those who fail will be replaced.


“I felt like a sociopath” – Drone Operator Says He Is Haunted By The 1,600 He Killed

Former drone operator says he's haunted by his part in more than 1,600 deaths

Phi Beta Iota:  The CIA drone program, the NSA's unconstrained vacuuming of all US calls and emails, and wildly out of control spending across “security” programs while everything else is cut back, no one goes to jail for trillion dollar treason and trillion dollar fraud, all suggest a government that is not just out of control, it is out of its mind.  There is no intelligence with integrity to be found here.

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