Owl: Is DHS Using NSA to Create a Domestic “Red List”? + DHS RECAP

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

This writer claims a “threat matrix” has been secretly developed in anticipation of a martial law declaration in the possibly near future. It will be for readers here to decide whether this is plausible or not, but it offers some interesting details on how the “threat score” will work that gives it some air of plausibility:

If you are in the alternative media, you are at the top of the list. When the DHS goon squads arrive at our homes at 3AM, we in the alternative media will not be going to a FEMA Camp. We are on the “red list” and will be summarily executed along with our families.  In order to get the goon squads to go along with this holocaust, all law enforcement and military will be required to send their families “for protection” to a centralized area. In actuality, if these “safe areas” are hostage centers to enforce compliance on all law enforcements. Sorry, no Oathkeepers allowed.

In a classic tyranny, the educators are among the first to be exterminated. America will be no different. Educators transmit culture to the young and the globalists are intending on rewriting history. Any non-compliant clergy will be next and for the same reasons.  The rest of the population will be assigned a threat matrix score by the NSA. The Verizon data dump to the feds is just the tip of the iceberg. For example, because of cell phone tracking, if you have ever met with a person of concern (e.g. an alternative media figure), your score goes up because your two cell phones came into close proximity. And the  longer you meet with this person, the more points are awarded to your threat matrix score. Keep in mind the Threat Matrix Score is like golf. The goal is to have a low score, that is if you want to live.  The person’s score will also rise if they visit the wrong websites, belong to the Libertarian party, own a gun, vote for third party candidates and are a veteran.  Demographic maps have already been created in which red dots appear on a data screen by address. The red dots represent people who have received a high score and DHS swat teams will sweep pre-designated areas. The DHS swat teams along with their 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition and 2700 armored personnel carriers will be the vanguard force behind this terrible tyranny..

All others will continue to be placed under extreme surveillance with the threat of removal to a re-education camp or worse. There is a reason why DHS has spent billions on Intellistreet light poles and spy cams at every major intersection. And if you think you can ride this out, read Executive Order 13603. You will be assigned to work wherever they want. Families will be broken apart by this calamity. All of sudden, the CPS tactics and the anti-family courts make a little more sense don’t they? If you are taken to a re-education camp, please consider that your family will be split apart. Men to one camp, women to another and children to a third and you don’t even want to know what my sources speculate about the third camp “


Verizon & the NSA Are Constructing the “Red List”

Phi Beta Iota:  On balance, we consider all government employees to be good people trapped in a bad system.  While it is certain that DHS is stupid at multiple levels, including a proven track record of classifying any activist as a potential terrorist, we are comfortably certain that the US intelligence system is predominantly focused on spending money for collection, not on processing for effect.  The executive order cited above is being mis-represented.  Most of the preconditions for revolution exist in the USA today, but lacking to date has been a precipitant — the spark that lights the fire.  If a revolution occurs in the USA, it will not be put down by federal forces, but rather channeled within the states.  There is an alarming reasonable prospect that at some point in the next three years the President will be compelled to evacuate the White House for fear of a mob storming the compound.  It is the mob that is catalyzed in the moment, not the activists that can be identified in advance, that mightbring down this government, perhaps forcing both executive and legislative resignations.  Occupy, the small parties, the Independents, labor, the religions — are all comfortably marginalized.  If there is a revolution in the USA, it will be a smart mob that rejects all those with announced ambitions to be President.  The revolution will be cultural and financial, not political.

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