SchwartzReport: US Supreme Court Unethical & Corrupt — As with the Congress, the Time to Flush the Court is Now

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schwartz reportThis is why the appointment of Supreme Court Justices matters so much. We now have a court which routinely favors corporations over individuals. Here is their latest decision, part of the Legalization Trend. Increasingly monopolistic practices that would previously have been illegal, are now the law of the land. We are becoming a country wh! ere corporate influence makes illegal things legal so that vassal politicians, and corporations can say, “They/we broke no laws. Everything they/we are doing is perfectly legal.”

In Major Blow To Consumers, Supreme Court Protects Mega-Corporations From Liability
NICOLE FLATOW – Think Progress

Phi Beta Iota:  The US Government — all three branches — no longer represents the public interest.  It has been captured by corporate interests.  While the bulk of the US government is comprised of good people trapped in a bad system, until the public rises up and demands that the five justices voting for CITIZENS UNITED retire or be subject to citizen justice, and an Electoral Reform Act passed in time to flush Congress down the toilet in 2014, the USA will continue of a downward spiral toward great violence — white middle class people armed with weapons are much, much more dangerous than black people armed with bricks.  The Pentagon will not survive a contest of will or power if the USA is sparked into revolution.

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