Eagle: NSA Reason for Existence — Is It To Snoop? Or Is It to Waste Tens of Billions of Dollars without Accountability?

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300 Million Talons...
300 Million Talons…

NSA Snooping: The War on Terror Is America’s Mania

A Commentary By Klaus Brinkbäumer

The NSA spying scandal shows that America’s pursuit of terrorists has turned into a mania. Spying on citizens is as monstrous and unlawful as Guantanamo Bay and drone warfare. The German government’s response has been woefully weak.

America is sick. September 11 left it wounded and unsettled — that’s been obvious for nearly 12 years — but we are only now finding out just how grave the illness really is. The actions of the NSA exposed more than just the telephone conversations and digital lives of many millions of people. The global spying scandal shows that the US has become manic, that it is behaving pathologically, invasively. Its actions are entirely out of proportion to the danger.

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Phi Beta Iota:  It can safely be said that NSA lacks a brain, a heart, and a soul.  The readers of the above De Spiegel article appeared to have a better grasp on the situation than the author.  NSA is less of a threat as a surveillance entity, and more of a threat to the public for what it represents in the way of total corruption — spending hundreds of billions of dollars without regard to the public interest, without accountability for results, and literally — without any thought at all.

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