Rickard Falkvinge: NSA is Stasi Scaled Global + Naked NSA RECAP

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Rickard Falkvinge
Rickard Falkvinge

Stasi vs. The NSA Back To Back: Who’s Worse – A Visual Guide

Privacy:  If you were to compare the evil, reprehensible Stasi to the NSA side by side in a visual comparison, who’s the worse surveillance hawk? The people over at OpenDataCity have put together a nice visual guide with astonishing results. We tend to think of Stasi-scale surveillance as the epitome of evil surveillance, and have completely lost track of what today’s governments are doing to their people.

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Phi Beta Iota:  There is good news.  NSA is vastly more incompetent that anyone including its current director can imagine.  It is good at one thing and one thing only: keeping the money moving, more often than not toward abject failure (e.g. SAIC's Trailblazer) and Congressional pork, always managing to avoid accountability for not being useful.  The bad news is that NSA is completely beyond the rule of law or common sense, and a threat to each individual citizen, not just in the USA, but as Europe now understanding, across Europe and around the world.  Right behind NSA is a CIA drone driven by child targeting on the basis of a child analyst, ready to kill you because a series of irresponsible morons in Washington DC have lied to the President and labeled you an enemy of the state.

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