Mini-Me: Give Every Afghan a Radio? Or Give Every Afghan OpenBTS with a Radio App? + OpenBTS Meta-RECAP

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Who?  Mini-Me?
Who? Mini-Me?


Overheard in the World Cafe:

Speaker A:  My friend is creating a wide-area radio network for Afghanistan.

Speaker B:  Afghanistan has no infrastructure — including radio stations.  Although radio is popular, it is mostly shortwave, with a few local FM stations for the local Iman.  And electricity for radio stations is spotty at best including in Kabul.

Speaker A:  Well, I can build really cheap, “ultra” cheap, radio receivers.

Speaker B:  As long as you are doing that, why not give them OpenBTS cell phones running on ambient energy, and include a radio app?  Then get someone else — Google, Virgin Mobile, the Chinese or India — to focus on all-purpose cellular towers and tethered ballons?

Phi Beta Iota:  For what the USA has spent on war in the past decade, we could have given every person on the planet a free cell phone and free access to the Internet (including education and radio) for life.  War is profitable for the few; peace is profitable for everyone.  It's time we got everyone to understand that and begin boycotting all banks, all corporations, that prefer war over peace for selfish reasons.  From an Information Operations (IO) point of view, there is no better investment than to place a hand-held device with GPS tracking in the hands of every single individual.

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