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Who? Who?

Sovietizing the Internet and TV

In connecting the dots, it is evident this remarkable development can only be be a direct consequence of the Powers that Be nervously noticing a significant and on-going abandonment by the populace of corporate controlled, that is, “mainstream” media, in favor of alternative media. Outside of an especially bad false flag attack, it will be in this particular arena – of controlling Internet media – where the bloody fangs of US fascism will first become evident to everyone, even the most sleepy, uninformed and ignorant Americans, which there are very many.

“The Federal Communications Commission will facilitate the government’s prospective sovietization of private sector media with its “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs,” a survey planned for a field test roll-out in 2014, according to a story posted on The Daily Caller today. The FCC will “collect a remarkably wide range of information on demographics, point of view, news topic selection, management style and other factors in news organizations both in and out of the FCC’s traditional purview,” writes Tim Cavanaugh. “The airwaves regulator would also subject news producers in all media to invasive questioning about their work and content,” a move on a collision course with the First Amendment.

A document prepared by Social Solutions International enumerates the highly intrusive nature of the proposed questioning, including grilling station owners on their political philosophies and asking reporters if proposed stories were rejected by management. “In this study, the FCC will delve into the editorial discretion of newspapers, web sites and radio and TV stations,” Hudson Institute Fellow Robert McDowell, who served as an FCC commissioner from 2009 to 2013, told The Daily Caller. “This starts sticking the government’s nose into what has traditionally been privileged and protected ground. Regardless of one’s political stripes, one should be concerned.”

FCC Prepares Fairness Doctrine for the Internet

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