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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

9 Challenges Facing Journalism

50 Greatest Breakthroughs Since the Wheel

ACTIVISM: Anti-Drone Movement

BIG IDEAS: Bitcoin Economy

BIG IDEAS: Digital Privacy Resolution from United Nations

BIG IDEAS: Earth Is A Machine

BIG IDEAS: Learning Through Interesting Imagery

BIG IDEAS: Post-Human Future?

BIG IDEAS: Vaclav Smil on Reality (Bill Gate’s Favorite Author)

CYBER: App Generation

CYBER: Digital Forensics

CYBER: Fully Encrypted Internet

CYBER: Guide to DarkNet or Deep Web

CYBER: Identity Access Management

FREEDOM: Scotland White Paper

INTEL: NSA Oversight?

INTEL: Seeing War Crimes from Space

IRAN: Collaborating with North Korea on Rocket Booster

IRAN: Harvard Offers Opinions

TERRORISM: Abu Zubaydah’s Normal Man Diary

THREAT: Al Qaeda Forcing Out Moderates?

THREAT: Al Qaeda Future?

THREAT: Arctic Methane Climate Disaster

THREAT: Banking Trojan Horses (Digital Threat)

THREAT: Central African Republic Into Chaos

THREAT: NSA Spying Financial Consequences – US Losing $35 Billion in Technology Sales

THREAT: NSA Raped Google and Yahoo

THREAT: Piracy on the West Coast of Africa

THREAT: Russia Internet Monitoring Order

THREAT: Russia Strangles Ukraine

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