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schwartzreport newHere is an alarming and little considered, until now, effect of global warming. The study referenced in this report is published in the journal of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)

Arctic Seafloor Releasing 17 Teragrams of Methane Every Year, Study Finds
Nature World News

I would not have picked Obamacare as the way to go because it is still a profit based system. It is essentially a program written by Republicans for Republicans. I support a single payer system, essentially Medicare for all. But the ACA is still an improvement on the madness of the current Illness Profit System. Paul Krugman makes this case clearly.

California, Here We Come?
PAUL KRUGMAN, Nobel Laureate – Op-Ed Columnist – The New York Times

Here in the U.S. 17 million children have food access issues, and the Republicans in the Congress just cut the SNAP program, to their everlasting shame. As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving I hope all my readers will buy some extra food and donate it to the poor. This is how desperate it is getting.

Food Pantries Struggle to Meet Rising Demand in Wake of Federal Food Aid Cuts

One of the lies the corporate media and the Theocratic Right chant with the passion of medieval penitents is that it is the government’s safety net for the poor that is the problem with our economy. It is a perfidious lie and here are some facts explaining why I say this.

Meet America’s Biggest Welfare Queens
Thom Hartmann – Truthout

The more I read about this Pope the more I like him. It is going to be interesting to watch how the Theocratic Rightist Bishops and Cardinals appointed by his recent predecessors, who seem more at home with Anyn Rand’s teachings than those of Jesus, are going to react. Pope Francis is quite correct in his assessment of the vampire capitalism! that is shaping many of the societies of the world, particularly the U.S, to the detriment of those who live here.

Pope Francis Rips Capitalism and Trickle-down Economics to Shreds in New Policy Statement

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