Owl: Monbiot: Corporate New World Order Dictatorship Close to Implementation, Democracy and Law for Ordinary People Nearly Dead

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Monbiot: Corporate New World Order Dictatorship Close to Implementation, Democracy and Law for Ordinary People Nearly Dead

It’s coming together piece by major piece for the Elite’s plans of absolute and total world domination: imposition of GMO food and many toxic substance for human consumption, covert eugenics via not only food and water, but constant aerial spraying and massive and on-going vaccines of numerous types, a vastly increased and efficient surveillance and military control infrastructure imposed at a maniacally rapid tempo, the destruction of net neutrality and thereby guaranteeing control and closing down of almost all independent information flows on the Internet, and now, as seen so clearly in this article by Monbiot, the forced imminent world-wide imposition of a legal structure that will remove all protections from services and products that cause wide-spread disease in humans and all other living beings and toxify the entire planet and also cause immense cultural and economic dislocation for 50%-99% of all people. In short, as Monbiot says, this major piece will create, “as the Democracy Centre says…”a privatised justice system for global corporations”. This initiative will be key to utterly circumventing virtually ALL citizen-based efforts at protecting itself medically, politically, legally and economically, a citizenry which will be much reduced or weakened by covert eugenics, and those remaining who are not weakened, will be radically coerced and controlled by the military/police state.

“The purpose of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is to remove the regulatory differences between the US and European nations. I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. But I left out the most important issue: the remarkable ability it would grant big business to sue the living daylights out of governments which try to defend their citizens. It would allow a secretive panel of corporate lawyers to overrule the will of parliament and destroy our legal protections. Yet the defenders of our sovereignty say nothing.The mechanism through which this is achieved is known as investor-state dispute settlement. It’s already being used in many parts of the world to kill regulations protecting people and the living planet.The Australian government, after massive debates in and out of parliament, decided that cigarettes should be sold in plain packets, marked only with shocking health warnings. The decision was validated by the Australian supreme court. But, using a trade agreement Australia struck with Hong Kong, the tobacco company Philip Morris has asked an offshore tribunal to award it a vast sum in compensation for the loss of what it calls its intellectual property.

During its financial crisis, and in response to public anger over rocketing charges, Argentina imposed a freeze on people’s energy and water bills (does this sound familiar?). It was sued by the international utility companies whose vast bills had prompted the government to act. For this and other such crimes, it has been forced to pay out over a billion dollars in compensation. In El Salvador, local communities managed at great cost (three campaigners were murdered) to persuade the government to refuse permission for a vast gold mine which threatened to contaminate their water supplies. A victory for democracy? Not for long, perhaps. The Canadian company which sought to dig the mine is now suing El Salvador for $315m – for the loss of its anticipated future profits. In Canada, the courts revoked two patents owned by the American drugs firm Eli Lilly, on the grounds that the company had not produced enough evidence that they had the beneficial effects it claimed. Eli Lilly is now suing the Canadian government for $500m, and demanding that Canada’s patent laws are changed.

These companies (along with hundreds of others) are using the investor-state dispute rules embedded in trade treaties signed by the countries they are suing. The rules are enforced by panels which have none of the safeguards we expect in our own courts. The hearings are held in secret. The judges are corporate lawyers, many of whom work for companies of the kind whose cases they hear. Citizens and communities affected by their decisions have no legal standing. There is no right of appeal on the merits of the case. Yet they can overthrow the sovereignty of parliaments and the rulings of supreme courts.”

This transatlantic trade deal is a full-frontal assault on democracy

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