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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

ANALYSIS: Methodology to Analyze Future Security Threats (3): Scenarios as an Organic Living System

BOOK: Evaluation Methodologies for Aid in Conflict

BOOK: Global Intellectual History

BOOK: Governing the World: The History of an Idea, 1815 to the Present

CYBER: BIOS Malware Can Destroy Any Computer

Phi Beta Iota: We are still being irresponsible about code-level integral security, data integrity and redundancy, data at rest encryption, and a host of other obvious cyber-health matters.

CYBER: ChewBacca, the last Tor-based banking trojan

CYBER: DGA.Changer unique malware evades sandboxes

CYBER: Government IT in 2014 – Predictions

CYBER: Internet of Things Free Download of Business Report The Future of Work (National Instruments)

CYBER: Ron Deibert on Cyber Espionage, Surveillance and Black Code

ETHICS: Who’s Controlling the (1.7 million) Snowden Document and to What Purpose?

FINANCE: Turks Jump on 87 billion euros in suspicious transfers from Iran

FUTURE: Top Ten Disappearing Futures

PEACE: 2013: The year military solutions trumped African mediators

PEACE: Russia Destroys 78% of its Chemical Weapons Stockpile

REPORT: Report of the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies: “Liberty and Security in a Changing World” (PDF 308 Pages)

THREAT: A Hunger Games Banner Can Get You Locked Up for Terrorism

THREAT: Al Mulathameen Battalion

THREAT: Beheading the Hydra? Does Killing Terrorist or Insurgent Leaders Work?


THREAT: Bird Flue New Strain H10N8

THREAT: Fukushima Sickens US Navy personnel

THREAT: Global Terrorism on the Rise

Phi Beta Iota: This is not correct. What is on the rise is the cognitive dissonance occasioned by illegtimate governments enabling the 1% to loot commonwealths and disenfranchise the 99%. Terrorists are a tactic and a sympton, not a threat.

THREAT: IED Impact on US Military

THREAT: Insecticides Killing Bees, Harming Human Nervous Systems

Phi Beta Iota: Modern industry is based on chlorine and plastics — essentially modernity is built on a web of poisons. This is why true cost economics is so desperately needed as we move forward.

THREAT: Mexican Knights Templar Knock-Off Indoctrination Manual

Phi Beta Iota: Not to be confused with the Knights Templar charitable organization long associated with the Catholic Church.

THREAT: Private Financing of Syria’s Extremist Rebels Risks Igniting Sectarian Conflict in Arabia (Brookings)

THREAT: U.S. Turns Blind Eye as Saudis Fund Jihadists in Syrian Conflict

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