M Johanna Smith: Petition Obama to Release Water Conference Findings, Protect Childen, Implement Change

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President Obama: Release Water Conference Findings, Protect Childen, Implement Change

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130+ millon American have chloraminated water. In August of 2012 researchers presented findings at the Gordon Research Center Conference on DBPs of Chloraminated Water Systems. NDMAs and iodic DBPs, by products of chloraminated water are ultra -carcinogens and  present serious health risks to millions of Americans.

President Obama has power over EPA to direct the release of the conference findings to the general public. He also has the power to create much needed transparency in drinking water treatment. Moreover there exists technology that when implemented, can safeguard American health, cut down on carbon footprint, save energy and put Americans back to work.

I know the President is interested in this because I met with his staffer for water issues Amrit Mehra when President Obama was a Senator. I believe the President will champion this issue if you help me bring it to his attention. Please sign this petition and ask everyone you know in a chloraminated drinking water system to sign it too,

I believe President Obama will champion the needs of the American  people and especially children, who bear the more severe impact of these risks. Please act today. Thank you for your consideration.

Draft Petition:

President Barack Obama, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington DC
Dear Mr. President,

I urge you make public the findings of the August 2012 Gordon Research Center Conference in DBPs of Chloraminated Drinking Water Systems. Over 130 million Americans in chloraminated drinking water systems should be informed the toxic DBPs of chloramines iodic and NDMA , are both thought to be ultra carcingeic. Witholding this information from parents whose children are at most risk is highly unethical.

I urge you to publish the findings and to create a transparency initiative in this and all drinking water issues. Keeping 130 million Americans in the dark about such an important helath issue is in itself toxic. I ask you to be the champion of the millions of American children most at risk today, who are America's future.

[Your name]

Click here to visit Change.org and consider the petition there.

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