Marcus Aurelius: 2014 Worldwide Threat Assessment — Moderately Retarded?

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Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

The best they could do.

PDF (31 Pages): (U) 2014 US IC DNI Threat to SSCI 29 Jan 14

Phi Beta Iota: We were ignoring this sad endeavor, but Brother Marcus cannot be ignored so we are letting this document appear hear. It’s simply not worth our time to nit-pick it to death. There are glimmers of intelligence, but in the areas of water, food, and energy the document is completely retarded and we stopped there. There is nothing about the threat inherent in in our contaminated water; there is nothing about the threat inherent in our toxified food; and there is sheer idiocy inherent in the assumption that oil — including tar sands oil — will be the primary focus for the future.  We understand that the IC has a 1950’s mind-set and leadership incapable of refocusing it to be relevant today, but at some point the obivous has to be pointed out: this document is largely worthless in relation to decision-maker needs for strategy, acquisition, policy, and operations. It fails to come to grips with the three top high-level threats to humanity (poverty, infectious disease, and environmental degradation). It fails to alarm with respect to domestic corporate threats rooted in corruption and poor intelligence. It fails to address causes, offering up only a bland overview of how things are. In short, the document is worthless to strategic planning and programming. We are really beginning to wonder when one of the large intelligence companies is going to realize that there is a market for ethical evidence-based decision-support (not just in government, but across the other seven tribes). Could it be that the next big leap will be to by-pass the secret intelligence community entirely?

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