SchwartzReport: USG Deals with Cartels, Lets Billions of Dollars of Drugs Be Smuggled

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

When you read this think of the hundreds of thousands of individuals, particularly young people and, most particularly, Black and Brown kids whose lives, and the lives of whose families, were derailed by arrest and incarceration for years or decades for tiny amounts of drugs, while this government supported dope trade was going on. You have to ask yourself: who are the real crimi! nals?

Is it any wonder that American’s now see their government as the country’s leading problem.

U.S. Deal With Cartel Let Billions of Dollars of Drugs be Smuggled
NATASHA LENNARD, Assistant News Editor – Salon

In a shady deal to garner informants, the government has been working with the notorious Sinaloa cartel since 2000

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