Jean Lievens: SOLIDARIA – Platform, Marketplace & Seed of a Network of Cooperatives

Collective Intelligence, Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Gift Intelligence
Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

SOLIDARIA – Platform, Marketplace & Seed of a Network of Cooperatives

Building the infrastructure for a global community of a commons-based peer society

Realizing, merging, funding, organizing & expanding the global commons – knowledge, culture, means of production and land property.

Solidaria will open up a space where all our activity is aimed towards extending the commons – open knowledge and freeculture as well as the material commons like housing, property and means of production!

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It enables you to work in cooperatives of the commons based peer-to-peer economy, no matter if you’re working in the knowledge economy or in a classical field. And it enables you to work for the commons even in projects that normally wouldn’t be economically viable – and still make a living off it! The decision which project you want to work on does not depend on the question if it is convertible into something commercial – all that matters is that you are contributing to the commons.

And it gives you back the power over how the economy works by opening up economic and environmental decisions to all stakeholders – it’s not the capitalist elite deciding anymore, but also not only the people inside the cooperatives,  it’s everyone!

It gives you the opportunity to consume inside the commons-based economy wherever possible. It also opens up powerful ways of collaborative consumption or producing things yourself.

And last but not least it even gives you the possibility to financially support the extension of the commons even with the big part of consumption that is not possible inside of it yet.

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