John Robb: Global Civil War Coming — 99% Against the 1% Kleptocracy [Switzerland May Be Safe, But Absentee Ownership and Rents Are Toast]

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John Robb
John Robb

The Dream vs. the Kleptocracy

Here's a strong motive for open source warfare — the model of warfare that has become the hallmark of 21st century conlfict, from potest movements to fullscale insurgencies.

It's the driver of the recent conflict in Ukraine.

A conflict we're going to see much more of.  A struggle between the people that want the opportunity to earn some prosperity, and those that want to take all of it.

In other words, a growing number of people around the world now want to make the American Dream their own.

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Unfortunately, they face a kleptocracy of government, business, and finance that wants to prevent that.

Here's one story from that fight.  One that you should know.

It's the story of a young man that pursued the Dream, only to have it stolen away from him.

Basboosa vs. the Kleptocracy

Phi Beta Iota: The rich, surrounded by sychophants, have grown stupid and complacent. The preconditions (and precipitants, a completely different matter) were clearly defined in 1976. Concentration of wealth is the classic but multiple other failures combine to accelerate any given revolution. The loss of legitimacy of any government — when the people see the depth of its corruption in comparison to other now visible alternatives — makes the concentration of wealth indefensible. A violent revolution is coming in the USA and there is nothing the US Government can do about it with one exception: pass the Electoral Reform Act.

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