Berto Jongman: Six Ukraine Videos CENSORED in the USA

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Videos From Ukraine that The U.S. Media Will Never Show You

The Sugar coated story that the U.S. media has been feeding the public is completely out of sync with the events unfolding on the ground in Ukraine. Here are six videos that you’ll never see aired on the mainstream news.


1. Ukrainian “protesters” setting fire to police officers

2. “Freedom fighters” brutally beat man with batons while he is down

3. Literal Neo-Nazis openly marking  through Kiev displaying their emblems

4. Alexander Muzychko vows to fight “against Jews communists, and Russian scum” for as long as he lives.

5. Muzychko brandishing an Ak-47 in parliament and letting them know who is in charge

6. Right sector members saluting Nazi style and shout nationalist slogans like “Glory to the nation! Death to enemies!” “Ukraine for Ukrainians.”

Access all six videos free online.

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