Yoda: FINALLY — Federal Government Kills One Canary with Marijuana Overdose

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Got Crowd? BE the Force!
Got Crowd? BE the Force!

Here’s An Updated Tally Of All The People Who Have Ever Died From A Marijuana Overdose

With recreational pot now for sale in Colorado and widespread confusion over a recent satirical story that jokingly claimed 37 people had already died of a marijuana overdose, we figured it might be about time to update our weed death count.

So, here’s a GIF that still accurately shows all of the people who have died after overdosing on pot:

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

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Phi Beta Iota: The federal result, after decades of trying, was achieved by dropping a bale of marijuana on a canary staked to the ground. The fact that it was a bale (source) dropped on the hapless canary (method) was immediately classified TOP SECRET.

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