Owl: Nevada Land Fight About Fracking Over Cattle? Senator Harry Reid Making a Bundle Sponsoring Chinese Solar Power Plant on Public Land Tea Party Calls This Our Tiananmen Square Showdown — Snipers and Blackwater Deployed

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The futurist lets it rip:

Gerald Celente: Bundy Range War a Fascist Dream

The real reason they are going after Bundy, making way for the frackers? Mike Adams lays out the case in detail for frackers behind federal persecution of Bundy:

This document from the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology(1) shows significant exploratory drilling being conducted in precisely the same area where the Bundy family has been running cattle since the 1870's. The “Gold Butte” area is indicated on the lower right corner of the document (see below), and it clearly shows numerous exploratory drilling operations have been conducted there. What's also clear is that oil has been found in nearby areas and possibly even within the Gold Butte area itself. 

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BLM sells 29 oil, gas leases in northeast Nevada

BLM fracking racket exposed! Armed siege and cattle theft from Bundy ranch really about fracking leases

Or maybe THIS is the real reason they are after Bundy: Senator Harry Reid & son will make a bundle:

“Back in 2012, the New American reported that Harry Reid’s son, Rory Reid, was the chief representative for a Chinese energy firm planning to build a $5-billion solar plant on public land in Laughlin, Nevada. And journalist Marcus Stern with Reuters also reported that Sen. Reid was heavily involved in the deal as well. [Reid] and his oldest son, Rory, are both involved in an effort by a Chinese energy giant, ENN Energy Group, to build a $5 billion solar farm and panel manufacturing plant in the southern Nevada desert,” he wrote. “Reid has been one of the project’s most prominent advocates, helping recruit the company during a 2011 trip to China and applying his political muscle on behalf of the project in Nevada.” “His son, a lawyer with a prominent Las Vegas firm that is representing ENN, helped it locate a 9,000-acre (3,600-hectare) desert site that it is buying well below appraised value from Clark County, where Rory Reid formerly chaired the county commission.” Although these reports are in plain view, the mainstream media has so far ignored this link.”


Breaking: Sen. Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab of Bundy Ranch

Tea Party Lawmaker: Nev. Cattle Roundup ‘Reminded Me Of Tiananmen Square

Mike Adams shows similarities of BLM and Chinese tactics against 1989 protesters – also mentions Blackwater-type mercs are now involved:

“In order to collect that $1 million and lay seize the land the Bundy family has been using for generations, the BLM in engaged in the very same kind of brutality and threat of violence that the Chinese government used against its protesters in 1989. I fact, similarities between the two are numerous:

• The mainstream media now functions as a total government mouthpiece, broadcasting lies and propaganda such as the false claim that “a protester kicked one of the BLM's security dogs.” (In fact, a BLM officer verbally commanded the dog to attack the protesters.) This is similar to the Chinese government directly controlling virtually the entire Chinese press.

• The massive show of unjustified force, such as positioning government snipers on hilltops around the Bundy ranch, with line-of-sight inside the Bundy home so that shots can be taken to kill the Bundy family.

• The deployment of absurd “overkill” hardware: Tanks in the case of China, and government helicopters in the case of the Bundy ranch in Nevada. It has also been reported by Pete Santilli and Adam Kokesh that BLM has hired Blackwater-style operatives to don BLM badges and wade into the scene as soldiers for hire.

• The intimidation and silencing of local law enforcement. In the case of the Bundy ranch in Nevada, the local Sheriff of Clark County has the constitutional authority to arrest all BLM personnel for felony theft of cattle and trespassing. Yet he has been intimidated into silence, thereby abandoning his own constituents. In China, officials who were friendly to the protesters were demoted, purged or kidnapped and killed by the Chinese government.”


Armed govt. siege of Bundy ranch rapidly escalating into America's Tiananmen Square showdown

Militias head to Nevada rancher’s standoff with feds: We’re not ‘afraid to shoot’

Will Feds Stage Violence to Frame Cliven Bundy?

BLM Rangers Brought in From Out of State for Nevada Ranch ‘Emergency’

Phi Beta Iota: We believe the time has come for states to reposses most of the land illegally acquired by the federal government, which is supposed to be an administrative union, not a rentier overlord. Of course this means that corrupt state and county officials will be as indiscriminate and uncaring of the public interst as the federal government, but it moves the land rights and land use closer to public agency — to the individuals most affected.

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