Johnny Punish: Israel is an Apartheid State — And Has the Power to Smash the US Secretary of State for Speaking Truth

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Johnny Punish
Johnny Punish

INVESTIGATION: Who Politically Punched John Kerry in the Jimmy Carter Face?

Join Author Johnny Punish on an Irreverent Adventure as He Searches for the Perp-Pe-Traitor of the Political Rear Naked Choke Hold on Secretary of State John Kerry’s Campaign for World Peace

by Johnny Punish

This week we bore witness to another smack down of a major U.S. leader by the global force that is “it”

This time, like so many before him, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was the target du jour; publicly tarred and feathered by this ominous dark sided menace.

At a closed meeting of the Trilateral Commission, the group that secretly runs the shadow government, Kerry said Israel could become an “apartheid” nation if it does not reach a peace deal to create a separate Palestinian state. And just before his warm viperian breath vapor ran cold, “it” had their attack squads scrambled into action like U.S. Taxpayer funded F-15s paid for as part of the billions upon billions of misappropriated monies and strong arm defense contracts that continue to fund the ethnic cleansing of an indigenous people in favor of whatever “it” wants.

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Phi Beta Iota: The author points out that The Daily Beast received a tape recording from the “closed” meeting. At the direct request of the Democratic leadership at the time — who were in turn responding to a request from the Republican leadership — John Kerry chose to cover up Iran-Contra when he was in charge of investigating it. His pay-off was a guaranteed shot at running for President in the future. When one appeases criminals and sacrifices one’s integrity, ostensibly for the team or for short-term gain, there is always a longer-term cost. Elements of the US Government have lost their integrity. Israel is an apartheid state that is also running major criminal and espionage operations within the US Government and with the complicity of elements of the FBI and CIA — both those that are embedded (“the deep state”) and those that are politicized and subject to direction from the two-party tyranny that no longer respects Article 1 of the US Constitution and no longer represents the public interest. To his credit, Kerry was speaking the truth with the best of intentions, and he is America’s top diplomat. What should we think about Zionist power in this context? Remember the USS Liberty – “shiksa’s don’t count!”

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