Jean Lievens: Factory of the Future – Internet of Things (Not Yet Rooted in Open Source Everything, True Cost Economics, or Holistic Analytics)

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Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

The Factory of the Future Will Be Shaped by the Internet of Things

Andrew Dugenske, Alain Louchez, August 2014

Around the globe, intelligent and pervasive industrial automation has been catapulted in recent years to a top national or regional priority. Known by different names, e.g., “Advanced Manufacturing”, “Smart Manufacturing”, “Industry 4.0” or “Factories of the Future” to highlight a few, these initiatives all bear the same characteristics, i.e., transforming the manufacturing process from a patchwork of isolated silos to a nimble and seamless whole fully integrated with the downstream and upstream production environment.

There is, in fact, a close link between modern manufacturing and the advent of the Internet of Things.

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Phi Beta Iota: The PROBLEM is that there is no embedded intelligence with integrity in all that is planned. Smart this and that is a continuation of industrial era mind-sets and industrial-era ignorance. Until Open Source Everything (engineering intelligence), True Cost Economics (supply intelligence) and Holistic Analytics (demand intelligence) are put into the mix — and there is a concerted effort to cut out the 50% waste and then take out an additional 25% in cost of production to cost of living negligence, all this stuff is going further into the rabbit hole. The good news is that this next level of thinking is finally under discussion among the avant guarde (not in the USA).

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