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Amazon Page

AMAZON PAGE: Fusion Economics: How Pragmatism Is Changing the World

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Phi Beta Iota: Below is Robert Steele’s jacket blurb:

Laurence Brahm is one of those unsung heroes who was changing the world for the better, and influencing various governments in most positive ways, long before ecological economics and social enterprise became fashionable turns of phrase. I regard him as the anti-thesis to the predatory capitalism mantras and methods of our time. His proven focus on community development and evolutionary blends of state planning and market incentives is precisely what we need now that everyone understands that Western governments have been corrupted and Western economies destroyed by financial interests devoted to extracting value instead of creating value. This is a practical book, a spiritual book, and one that should be required reading among those intent on creating collaborative economies and social enterprises.

Robert David Steele
CEO, Earth Intelligence Network

Below is the book description from the publisher:

Over forty percent of the world’s population lives in poverty. Our planet’s resources are diminishing at frightening rates. The international financial system is broken and continues to exacerbate the gap between the wealthy and the rest. It would seem we are at a crucial tipping point; but is there a way out of this mess?

In Fusion Economics, Laurence Brahm presents an alternative way to the economic practices and thinking that brought us to this point. Holistic, yet grounded and straightforward, this revolutionary book calls for a turn away from an economic system dangerously steeped in ideology, stymied by politics, and prone to fomenting violence. As he examines where things went wrong, Brahm outlines a new global consensus based on pragmatism, common sense, and grass-roots realities that requires a profound change in values and different measurements of success. Drawing on his experience overseeing China’s transformation from socialism to a market economy and its current Green Growth National Policy, Brahm suggests a synergistic integration of western and eastern economic systems.  He takes readers on a global journey, travelling with them to China’s secretive halls of power where he  helps to convert rusty debt-ridden state enterprises into international corporations, the central banks of Vietnam and Laos, grass-roots social enterprises in the Himalayas, micro-finance schemes in Bangladesh, the secluded kingdom of Bhutan where Gross National Happiness is invented, massive rallies in Africa calling for a new approach to development that shocks multilateral institutions, indignant movements in Spain and Russia and the protests at Occupy Wall Street. Fusion Economics demonstrates how a clever combination of market planning, localized diversification, green energy, and finance for small and medium sized community enterprises can restructure our financial architecture into a more sustainable model.

himalayan consensusAMAZON PAGE: Fusion Economics: How Pragmatism Is Changing the World

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