Musa Tuzuner: Insights of Intelligence Insiders on (Non-) Sharing Intelligence Behaviors

Cultural Intelligence, Ineptitude, IO Impotency
Musa Tuzuner
Musa Tuzuner

Insights of Intelligence Insiders on (Non-) Sharing Intelligence

Musa Tuzuner, Ph.D
Center for Foreign Policy and Peace Research, Ankara, Turkey

This study surveys the Turkish intelligence community’s (non-) sharing intelligence behavior. The factors affecting failures to share intelligence and now to increase intelligence sharing practices are examined based on the views of Turkish intelligence insiders. These insiders’ views reveal that the complexity of bureaucratic structures, lack of trust, compartmentalization, power, egoism, fear, information groupings, lack of reciprocity and lack of feedback are the causes for non-sharing of intelligence. Policy solutions for shifting from non-sharing toward sharing behaviors is discussed in a new framework including respective government willingness, enhancing capacity of intelligence collection, building intelligence aquariums, creating rules for establishing new intelligence sharing, opening up communications channels, training, and support for sharing culture. This framework argues that policy change should start first at the agency level, then at the community level and finally at the international level.

PDF (16 Pages): Turkish Intelligence Non-Sharing Behavior

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