Jean Lievens: The sharing economy – make it sustainable

03 Economy, 11 Society, Advanced Cyber/IO, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence
Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

The sharing economy: make it sustainable

Damien Demailly; Anne-Sophie Novel

Studies N°03/2014. Iddri, 2014. 32 p.

Is the sharing economy a tool for ecological transition? The main objective of this report is to analyse the environmental potential of the sharing economy, considered in its full diversity, and the conditions for the realization of this potential.

PDF (30 Pages): The Sharing Economy and Sustainability

Phi Beta Iota: Among the significant contributions of this study are its graphical depiction of how Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) impact on varied elements of the economy in enabling sharing. Not yet being studied to the necessary extent are the use of ICT to document and communicate True Cost Economics, and the severe social misfortunes befalling individuals who devote themselves to the sharing economy, e.g. the drivers of shared vehicles who receive less than minimum wage and no benefits.

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